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Backstabbing Co-workers My Teacher Ate My Homework is a 1997 movie, the second film based on a Shadow Zone book. Rumor mongers, stirring up drama by spreading gossip, lies and half-truths that destroy reputations. Slackers, who shirk responsibility and foist duties onto others. Scorched-earth managers, who will undermine or even fire a smart, capable worker when they feel threatened by brains and talent.

Double Homework - Episode 6 by Love-Joint A Grim Reaper (Mackenzie Gray) appears in a spooky classroom, then tells a tale about a student named Jesse Hackett, who hates his teacher, Mrs. This is the sixth episode of Double Homework, a story about a guy undergoing a very tough time in his life, due to an incident that literally changed him forever. Fortunately, he lives together with two girls, and he focuses on trying to break the bad cycle he has fallen into. You can find the other five episodes for free here.

If homework is legally owned by the students, is the teacher. Fink, and is soon doomed to be trapped in the Shadow Zone. Possession is 9/10 of the law. So, if you hand in your homework, you are basically giving it to the teacher to review and do what s/he wants with it. Unless, there is an agreement which states that all homework will be returned to students.

Backstabbing Co-workers
Double Homework - Episode 6 by Love-Joint
If homework is legally owned by the students, is the teacher.
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